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How to hero, or the subway play
by Georgette Kelly


Directed by Julie Ritchey

November 2019

Stage Center Theatre, Northeastern IL University


Drawn from ancient mythology and featuring music, play, and audience interaction, "how to hero, or the subway play" takes us on a heartwarming and magical quest for our most precious lost things. Grappling with the recent loss of their father, two adventurous young siblings, Webster and Rory along with their best friend Madison, take on the journey of a lifetime in the New York City subway tunnels in order to locate  their dad’s words, loving memories, and the completeness that comes with the comfort of a parent’s voice. In this production, NEIU partners with Filament Theatre Ensemble, one of Chicago’s leading family friendly and immersive theatre companies to take audiences on a dynamic, moving, and interactive storytelling journey. In an experience unlike any other at Stage Center, audiences will travel with our cast through multiple spaces, into the underworld and deep into the center of the earth. Join us to meet the wondrous characters who light our path through loss and who lead us to discover something new, ourselves.

founded by Jim blair

Directed by Adam Goldstein

October 2019

Stage Center Theatre, Northeastern IL University


Founded by alumnus and former Northeastern professor Jim Blair to create a platform at Northeastern Illinois University for new playwrights, Nuevas Voces is a thrilling launch point for new work from NEIU its vibrant community.  Featuring multiple prize winning short plays selected from an extensive competition, Nuevas Voces reveals the complexity of our human experience through the many lenses that make up Northeastern.



Directed by Leslie Hull

February 2020

Stage Center Theatre, Northeastern IL University


“Good fences make good neighbors!” Or so Robert Frost once told us. But fences take on new meaning when our new neighbors are not the ones we expected, and often not the ones we’d choose. In one of the country’s most produced and most talked about new plays of any recent season, Pablo, a rising attorney, and doctoral candidate Tania, his very pregnant wife, have just purchased a home next to Frank and Virginia, a well-established D.C. couple with a prize-worthy English garden. In the darkly hilarious backyard world of renowned playwright Karen Zacarías, cultures clash over seemingly nothing more than a small patch of land. Well-intentioned neighbors become feuding enemies as an impending barbecue spirals into an all out border dispute that unearths the complex layers of our perceptions of race, class, and privilege and examines the necessity for understanding, empathy, and commonality that must exist between neighbors to create strong bonds of responsibility to one another. Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

RESIDENCE by Laura Jacqmin

Directed by John Bliss

April 2020

Stage Center Theatre, Northeastern IL University


A layered, poignant, and vital examination of the fragility of our day to day lives, "Residence" is an exciting new work from Chicago favorite Laura Jacqmin. New mom Maggie returns to her medical sales job, checking into an extended-stay hotel in Arizona as she pursues the commission that will get her out of debt and back on track. When she befriends two hotel employees intent on making her visit a five-star experience, they discover that their lives are all on similarly shaky ground. A funny and sharply observed play about hanging on when you’re at the end of your rope – and the times when letting go might be the most responsible thing to do. Originally produced to great acclaim at the Humana Festival of New Plays in 2016, "Residence" presses us to find the ray of hope on the other side of crisis and to fill our broken spaces with true human connection. Produced by special arrangement with Literate. Management/Production and Laura Jacqmin.

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